Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is It Break Yet?

As it will soon become apparent, I can’t focus or write very coherently this week. I admit that no one wants to hear any teaching ideas two days before break, during exam week. So, in lieu of any actual, helpful words, please accept my words of craziness, words of frazzled-ness, words of attention-span difficulties, words of a person who is counting down hours until vacation…..
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The Twelve Days of Winter Break...

On the twelfth day of Winter Break, the teaching gods gave to me...
a 12 hour Netflix marathon
11 trips to Target
10 paid vacation days!!!
9 grown-up beverages (not all at once)
8 cookies to eat
7 nights a week to stay up late
6 books I *might* read
NOOOO.... scales... to wriiiiiite!!! J
Bump into...
4 students at the mall
Eat 3 actual meals a day
Get 2 hours of extra sleep
And a whole hour to eat my lunch!

What to Say When You Get a REALLY Bad Gift
  • Now THAT’s a gift.
  • Wow! You SURE surprised me.
  • I never would have guessed.
  • If I hadn't gained all that weight this would have fit.
  • If the dog buries it, I'll be furious!
  • I love it--but I fear the jealousy it will inspire.
  • Unfortunately, tomorrow I enter the Federal Witness Protection Program.
  • I really don't deserve this.
  • And to think I got this the first year I vowed to give all my gifts to charity.
  • I hope this never catches fire. There have been a lot of unexplained fires around here.
  • I couldn't bear to have anything happen to this so I am going to pack it away safely in the basement

Twas the Week Before Break

Twas the week before break, when all through the school
Not a person was focused, all acting like fools
The midterms were laid on the desks with care
In hopes that vacation soon would be there

The children were nestled all snug in their desks
While visions of study guides danced in their heads
My neighbor in her jacket and I in my vest
Had just settled down to proctor a test

When out in the hall there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter
Away to the door I flew like a flash
Tore open the handle and kicked past some trash

The glare of the lights on the now-dusty floor
Gave a cluster of headaches to those by the door
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a pile of grades and the end of the year ...

.......enter writer’s block..... and a holiday-impaired attention span.....

With this staff developer hoping writing goes quick
I knew as I wrote, that this poem would not “click”
More rapid her words (but not good) they came
And she whistled and cursed and wrote pretty lame

Now Dangit! WORD is crashing! Now hope it’ll fix-in!
Oh darn it, oh stupid, Oh I need some new tricks -and
To the top of the page! Don’t start to bawl
Now trash the page, trash the page, trash away all!

...shuffle, snuffle, sniffle... just skip to the end of the poem.....

She sprang to her laptop, her clock approached dismissal
And away her fingers flew on the keyboard.... like a missile? (just go with it...)
But I heard her exclaim as she sat down to write
Happy vacation to all and I hope it’s alright!!!

May you have a restful, joyful holiday break – and may you come back to work with a new peace and a renewed spirit – and maybe some improved sanity, too!


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